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White Satin

Predict Risk & Manage Reputation 

AI driven data-analytics solutions
for companies, people and brands

White Satin
Intelligence Solutions

Companies and decision-makers are challenged by data. They have access to internal and external data but unable to prioritize and measure indicators of risk for their company, brands, and people. Our AI led risk and reputation management solution identifies how to measure and mitigate risk and improve reputation. The solutions also drive new revenue with identification of latent themes from data that can be utilized new product development. The solutions are designed for profitable business growth by extracting knowledge and insights from news, social, and internal content sets to guide decision makers.

White Satin

Expert analysis and planning services backed by ML driven data-analytics & leading industry experts. 


Get access to syndicated and custom risk analysis frameworks based on your industry, function or use-case. The firm has uniquely differentiated domain expertise planning and measuring Perception AI - a unique approach to utilize Voice AI, Visual AI, and Natural Language Processing, with psycholinguistics data analytics, that provides insights on "why of digital ROI", enabling use of repeatable playbook and strategies. 


Get access to eLearning programs on how to plan & measure risk effectively for business. A global network of experts is available to provide bespoke training and networking. 

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