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White Sheet

Use Case: Adverse Media Management

For Marketing, PR, Communications and Risk Professionals 

The solution enables identifying any negative news about companies, people (executives) and brands across media and private databases. The company utilizes AI model to proactively identify key media of relevance to the specific institution and helps monitor and measure any negative sentiment towards the institution. Any custom database of interest to institutions can be integrated to create a holistic adverse media management solution.  

The solution is designed to identify which events and media can be potential risk for companies by quantifying their impact, and offers remediation action steps as solution. 

White Sheet

Use Case: Corporate Reputation & Brand Equity 

For Marketing, PR, Communications and Risk Professionals 

The solution enables companies to monitor media landscape including owned media and earned media. Using a taxonomy of companies, themes and brands, the AI-driven platform generates insight on how company and brand is resonating with the target audience. The solution combines secondary data with with customer specific primary research data to measure equity with standard and custom metrics including NPS & AP Reputation Score. 

The solution is designed to optimize spend on paid, earned and owned media by measuring ROI and impact on company reputation and its brand equity. 

White Sheet

Use Case: New Product Planning 

For Product, Technology, UX, Marketing Professionals

The solution enables companies to learn about their market, competitors and products being utilized by customers. The AI generates insight from secondary and primary content & data to help companies understand what is resonating with target audiences and how to plan relevant products that will of value to the customers.

The solutions reduce risk with current product adoption and identifies monetizable new products that understand customer needs and adoption.

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