Strategic Advisory & Frameworks

Designed for CXOs and Senior Executives

CEO, CMO, CPO and CTO are often challenged to make strategic investment in data and tech platforms utilizing AI. We offer a proprietary 4C (Company, Customer, Content, Conversion) strategic framework model that highlights how Perception AI can enable digital transformation for B2B companies targeting B2C audiences globally. We identify how to target local market, build "Privacy by Design" and leverage advances in affecting computing.

Perception AI and psycholinguistic analytics solutions and tactics are presented that measure trust, emotions and intent from content. These implicit consumer response measurement offers significant lift in content engagement, audience targeting ROI, and SaaS product build and adoption. 


This framework enables individuals and organizations to plan and operationalize build vs partner platform decisions and achieve sustainable revenue and cost benefits. 


Coaching and Training 

Designed for Individuals and SMBs

What is Perception AI? What is Psycholinguistic Analytics? How can emotion be measured from consumer-generated and consumer-interacted content? How can Perception AI be utilized to build SaaS products? 

We offer individual and group coaching and training on these questions and more. We define fundamentals of Perception AI and why it matters to practitioners and companies. We delve deeper into its modular components including NLP, Voice AI, Visual AI, Touch AI, and Olfactory AI. We introduce technology and data modeling techniques for both analytical and non-technical audiences. We highlight how to build SaaS products, platforms and ML models. We also showcase DIY tools and trends in the industry. 


These sessions are delivered in easily digestible modular live sessions, both virtual and in-person, and available on-demand. 

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Data Analytics AI Insights

Designed for Product, Data, ML and AI practitioners

We offer custom Perception AI data analytics services that generates insights from your data and makes predictions about your B2C customers propensity to engage with content and convert. You provide us your dataset in a secure environment and we build the AI on the dataset providing you insights in a simple easy-to-use excel/csv dashboard. These insights help you decide which customers to target with what kind of content, when, and how to make your content more effective. 

Our Perception AI insight can be delivered with a bespoke analytics dashboard that you can access anytime, anywhere & update with new data. This dashboard is managed by us allowing you to focus on operationalizing insights.


We also offer technical solution to build out a full-stack cloud SaaS platform and dashboard that is hosted and available for you for DIY management of business goal tracking and analytics ROI to address all your expanded Perception AI use-case.