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Product Strategy Consulting 

Designed for Senior Executives and Managers

We offer strategy consulting and operational support services for companies to plan and manage their product - technology, content - data, and product marketing functions.


Our services enables companies to plan and operationalize product strategies delivering measurable outcome. We guide solutions to core business-product questions: 

- How do we create product-market fit?

- How do we identify user and customer needs with primary and secondary research?

- How do we create an outcome-driven, customer-centric agile product roadmap?

- What should be core capabilities in product, engineering, data and content platforms? 

- When should we build, buy or partner when planning core vs non-core capabilities? 

- How do we create a product story that resonates with users and customers? 

We complement product and process solutions with people services. We provide project based consulting services, as well as availability of product-tech-data operational support as additional resource in a fractional model to manage your people growth requirements. In a competitive market for finding and retaining high quality talent, we offer a low-risk high-impact model delivering immediate availability of talent with our team of experts. 

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Learning and Training 

Designed for Individuals and SMBs

We offer eLearning programs for individuals and groups to learn new skills and build domain expertise in core product, technology, data and content topics.


We utilize a modular practice-based learning model across relevant topics including:

- How can content be used a differentiator for B2B and B2C businesses?

- How to prioritize  user journeys for user acquisition, conversion, and retention plans? 

- What is Machine Learning (ML) and how can it be used with data-analytics?

- Are Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques like sentiment analysis of value?

- How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities for Voice and Visual be effectively used?  

- What is software-as-a-service (SaaS) & why subscription products matter?

- What is product-led growth and when is it right for a business? 

These sessions are available both virtual and in-person, and also available on-demand. 

We partner with leading experts in industry and academia for the learning programs that are scalable into education technology (EdTech) products and services for your business.   

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Data Analytics and Actionable Insights

Designed for Product, Analytics, and Data Science  practitioners

We offer  Data Analytics services that generates actionable insights to solve company use-cases. We will ingest, clean and manage your data in a secure environment and build the machine learning models with domain expertise in descriptive, prescriptive and predictive analytics. 


The Machine Learning (ML) insights are offered in dashboard that can either be managed by us or delivered in a code that can be integrated in your Business Intelligence products and technology stack. We have experience doing both for clients as per their needs. 


We also offer technical expertise to build out a full-stack cloud SaaS analytics platform utilizing data and insights. We offer all aspects of the product development, data management and technical build process for these products including advise and expertise on hosting, integration and ongoing management of the cloud products.