3 Strategies for the Future of Voice-Enabled AI

How do companies and executive realize benefits from analytics relating to voice? We introduce a strategic framework, with operational details, for companies in any region globally to utilize Voice AI for their businesses, customer analytics, and products.

Our framework and thought-leadership is covered in Wharton Magazine: https://magazine.wharton.upenn.edu/digital/3-strategies-for-the-future-of-voice-enabled-ai/

Some strategic framework considerations for Voice AI business planning:

1) Think local

2) Build and promote "Privacy By Design"

3) Leverage Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI)

Voice AI is a key component of Perception AI. Companies and executives that carefully plan for how Perception AI, which covers the gamut of sensory inputs including voice, vision, smell, and touch, can complement their offerings will find a competitive edge.

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